Noveome Biotherapeutics has revealed new and positive results in three Phase 1 clinical trials for ST266, which is a secretome containing various biologically active molecules in physiological concentrations.

In the three clinical trials, which the current ST266 was evaluated for the potential treatment of dermatologic, ocular or oral health conditions, it was found to be well-tolerated and no drug-related adverse events were accounted.

In the first Phase 1 study of the three Phase 1 clinical trials, patients with partial thickness burns were given the current ST266 according to one of three dosing regimens over a 21-day period.

"In pre-clinical and clinical studies, ST266, has exhibited biological activity coupled with an attractive safety profile."

During the second Phase 1 study, patients with a history of dry-eye syndrome were given ST266 eye drops four times per day for six weeks and then observed for an another 30 days after treatment.

In the third Phase 1 study, patients with gingivitis received intraoral ST266 once daily for two weeks followed by a 30-day observation period.

Noveome chief executive officer, president and director A Clarke Atwell said: "In pre-clinical and clinical studies, Noveome’s product, ST266, has exhibited biological activity coupled with an attractive safety profile.

"Our patent estate and proprietary manufacturing process provides a clear source of competitive advantage, creates a broad number of potential product indications and provides the flexibility of multiple applications for each indication: topical, oral, inhaled and intravenous."

ST266 is expected to enter Phase 2 clinical testing in this year.