The Austin Health Research Ethics Committee has granted approval to Prana Biotechnology to initiate a 12-month Phase II Imaging trial in Australia to evaluate PBT2, an Alzheimer’s drug.

The double-blind and placebo-controlled trial will enrol 40 patients with prodromal or mild Alzheimer’s disease, and measure physical changes in the brains over 12 months of treatment with PBT2

The results will also be used to assess the positive effects of PBT2 on cognition reported in the earlier study.

In this study, cognition effects will be measured by the Neuropsychological Test Battery.

Prana executive chairman Geoffrey Kempler said, ”We believe that in this 12-month trial PBT2 will establish its credentials as a safe and effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease,” Kempler added.

The trial has been funded by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.