Ophthalmology is set to witness a breakthrough due to increasingly promising products that are currently in pipeline, says a report by GBI Research.

Titled 'Frontier Pharma: Ophthalmology Therapeutics', the report discusses how scientific advancements in a number of ophthalmology areas have led to novel potential molecular targets, resulting in as many as 782 products in therapeutic pipeline.

Such a high number of products and diverse range of molecular targets is significant considering the stagnation in ophthalmology therapies in earlier decades, opines the report. Developers have big opportunities in the space given the large number of unmet needs.

GBI Research managing analyst Dominic Trewartha said: “The ophthalmology pipeline contains a diverse range of molecular targets and no single target dominates by any clear margin. However, products acting on components of the immune system, largely cytokine and cytokine receptors, and its regulatory signalling pathways make up the largest segment, followed by angiogenesis inhibitors.”

Novel therapies are being tested majorly in areas such as wet and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Of 438 pipeline products for which molecular target has been disclosed, approximately 36% or 158 are first-in-class products for ophthalmology indications.

Treatment approaches such as topical nerve growth factor application and visual cycle slow-down have been gaining traction in clinical trials and have a good commercial potential as also hinted by the highly active deals landscape.