The meningococcal disease prevention market is set to grow to $1.8bn driven by the introduction of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) MenABCWY vaccine, according to a report by GlobalData. The revolutionary vaccine is projected to achieve approximately $437m in sales by 2025.

Titled ‘PharmaPoint: Meningococcal Vaccines – Global Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2025‘, the report states that the first-in-class vaccine will cover all serogroups including A, B, C, W and Y that are prevalent across the eight major markets (8MM) of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan and Brazil.

The vaccine is expected to lead the market depending on a favourable outcome of the phase three studies.

A result of a combination of GSK’s Menveo and Bexsero vaccines, named MenABCWY, will score over other formulations in terms of its conjugated polysaccharides and purified protein-based antigens. It will also reduce the shot burden for patients by offering protection against multiple seragroups through a single vaccine.

"These vaccines are limited in their protective ability to these serogroups."

GlobalData’s analyst covering infectious diseases Mirco Junker, Ph.D. explains: "While polysaccharide vaccines can provide excellent protection in individuals against a specific set of serogroups, these vaccines are limited in their protective ability to these serogroups.

"By contrast, protein-based meningococcal vaccines, which include the MenB vaccine, can also protect against strains from other serogroups.

"Combining polysaccharides from a MenACWY vaccine with the protein-based antigens from Bexsero into one vaccine, therefore, might provide effective protective coverage."

The launch of MenABCWY vaccine is anticipated to transform the national routine immunisation schedules as it will replace many meningococcal vaccines. The routinely administered MenACWY booster for adolescents is also expected to be replaced by the new vaccine when it is introduced in 2020.