US-based immuno-oncology company TapImmune launches its Phase II study of TPIV 200 to treat platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer patients.

The TPIV 200 is a multi-epitope folate receptor peptide vaccine that fights breast and ovarian cancer.

The product is composed of five peptide antigens freeze dried in a single vial, ready for injection after reconstitution and addition of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF).

The Phase II ovarian cancer study will be conducted as a double-blind, placebo controlled study intended to evaluate the benefits of using TPIV 200 in combination with standard of care chemotherapy.

TapImmune president and COO Dr John Bonfiglio said: "The opening of this study represents the fulfillment of a major 2016 milestone.

"We now have three clinical studies utilising TPIV 200 with approvals to enrol patients.

"The opening of this study represents the fulfillment of a major 2016 milestone."

“A fourth study in triple-negative breast cancer sponsored by the Mayo clinic with a $13.3m grant from the Department of Defence is scheduled to begin shortly.

“We believe the depth of these clinical programmes will give us an excellent understanding of how this exciting T-cell therapy can potentially be used in the treatment of both triple-negative breast and ovarian cancers."

According to the National Institute of Health, most patients with advanced ovarian cancer experience a recurrence of the disease within three years, with the initial recurrence generally being platinum-sensitive.

Platinum-sensitive recurrence describes the condition when the patient who experienced the relapse after chemotherapy can be administered with the same therapy to treat disease recurrence.

Image: TapImmune tests T-cell therapy to fight ovarian cancer. Photo: PRNewsFoto/TapImmune, Inc.