The Next Practices Group has introduced a new service offering called CTRx Pathways intended to expedite and expand clinical trial enrolment. 

CTR Pathways is a collection of new media models developed by The Next Practices team along with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Department of Defense under Operation Warp Speed during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Each model integrates the best accessible thinking from a mathematical, paid, earned, shared, owned (PESO) media and marketing standpoint, all intended to create agile media models that eliminate the usual trial enrolment issues.

With the launch, industry and clinical researchers in the US will gain access to the offering.

In the preliminary stage, the service will have five new models that include: New Disease-Based Media Model, New Community Influencer Model, New Decision-Making Engine, New Technology Platform and New Storytizing Software Solutions.

CTRx Pathways is supported by teams who possess expertise in marketing, communications, technology solutions, performance media, analytics, search and other vital disciplines crucial to a clinical trial.

The group noted that the CTRx Pathways models can be used as a supplement to current efforts of contract research organisations (CROs), biopharmaceutical firms, academic centres and study centres.

The Next Practices Group chair Bob Pearson said: “It’s time for the old media models to be retired in the world of clinical trials. 

“Our version of ‘Warp Speed’ was to create a series of new models, based on media, marketing and math, that greatly improves the effectiveness of how we enrol trials and builds a system that gets more intelligent with time.”

“Our only ‘competitor’ is the disease we are fighting together, so we built our offering to fit in and power the work of existing teams.”