Clinical-stage biotechnology company Novellus and technology company Tempus have announced collaboration to accelerate patient enrollment for the former’s BRAF trial.

The next generation BRAF inhibitor programme, which is in clinical trial, focuses on patient populations for which no FDA-approved BRAF inhibitors are currently available.

These inhibitors include BRAF fusions and BRAF-mutated gliomas.

Novellus CEO Michael Vidne said: “The collaboration with Tempus will enable us to accelerate the enrollment of patients in our BRAF trial, by precisely identifying potential candidates and opening sites wherever the patients are found.”

The company will take part in Tempus’s TIME Trial Network. Together, Novellus and Tempus will work to identify relevant patients for accelerating enrollment of patients.

Tempus chief medical officer Kim Blackwell said: “The TIME Trial Program has achieved an unparalleled scale thus far, with over 50 provider networks and 2,500 oncologists included in its network.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Novellus, to further our mission to increase trial participation, and to ultimately bring the right treatment to the right patients at the right time.”

Novellus focuses on the development of compounds for established oncogene drivers with a high incidence of uncharacterised mutations.

In September this year, LabCorp announced a collaboration with Tempus’ drug development business, Covance to participate in its TIME Trial Network.

Under the collaboration, the companies also agreed to work together to accelerate patient enrollment for oncology clinical trials.

Tempus unveiled the TIME trial service in June last year to match cancer patients to clinical trials. TIME trial aims to increase clinical trial participation of cancer patients treated in both the academic and community setting.