The $46m funds will be leveraged by NUCATS to speed up clinical and translational discoveries in alliance with NorthWestern investigators. The institute is expected to facilitate easy and safe clinical research participation.

NUCATS aims to expand research opportunities across the academic health system over the coming five years.

Through the Research Enabled and Accelerated in Community Healthcare (REACH) initiative, the institute will work to boost research in clinical care and improve patient participation in research studies or clinical trials.

NUCATS will also form alliances with two other National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)-funded hubs to create a new online solution for clinical enrolment.

Also, the institute will use the current Trial Innovation Network to link Northwestern investigators associated with multi-centre trials or studies with the clinical research consortium.

NUCATS director Donald Lloyd-Jones said: “This new Clinical and Translational Science Award will catalyse efforts to bring cutting-edge science and opportunities to participate in research studies to the point of care for doctors and patients across our growing health system and our community.

“We also will train the next generation of young scientists and study teams to answer the critical questions needed to improve human health.”

The institute will also use the fresh funds to further develop Northwestern’s clinical trials management system called enhance Study Tracker, in a bid to boost recruitment and efficiency.