ObvioHealth has introduced a next-generation decentralised clinical trial (DCT) platform and mobile application called ‘ObvioGo’ to provide robust therapeutic efficacy and safety evidence.

The flexible tech stack of ObvioGo is designed to collect and merge more precise multi-source data.

This approach delivers an integrated platform that enables clinical science teams to produce robust treatment evidence.

ObvioGo incorporates real-world data, artificial intelligence (AI), digital instruments, and integration through APIs and industry-standard interfaces with clinical systems.

It has five modules that are interoperable.

One module of the system, Study Design, is a completely configurable technology developed for addressing the shortfalls in existing trial design.

This facilitates sponsors in previewing, testing, and optimising in the initial protocol development stages, depending on what participants and trial groups will see and experience throughout the study.

The ‍Outcomes Capture and Assessment module comprises AI-powered technologies and standard eCOA and RWD interfaces (labs, EHR, imaging) that aid in collecting more precise data from clinicians, caregivers, and subjects. 

‍Mobile Application, an intuitive user interface of the system, provides wide-ranging insight into the study subjects’ digital behaviours.

As against various other DCT platforms, ObvioGo’s Study Management module aids in carrying out vital human interactions that are key to successful trials.

The platform allows both virtual study and conventional site-based teams of the company to interact with subjects directly and provide customised support.

Trial teams could progress to analytical review swiftly using the data management and biostatistics expertise of ObvioGo. This module enables auto-edit checks, automatic data cleaning, and resolving queries.

ObvioHealth CEO Ivan Jarry said: ‍“This is the culmination of years of hard work, developing a best-in-class DCT platform and ecosystem based on insights gained from the delivery of more than 50 fully virtual and hybrid trials in 28 countries.

“ObvioGo is a powerful evidence-generation engine, and this technology, combined with our deep clinical expertise, will propel the industry forward, positioning ObvioHealth as the global leader in decentralised trials.”

In June this year, the company entered a licencing agreement with Dedalus Group to gain access to the latter’s data mining technology.