ObvioHealth has announced collaboration with Oracle in the Asia Pacific region to integrate varied data sets into decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) efficiently.

Integrating varied data sets would aid in making breakthrough treatment available in the market rapidly.

This partnership will facilitate the quick gathering, integration and assessment of multi-source data obtained from sites, patients, devices and laboratories.

ObvioHealth CEO Ivan Jarry said: ‍“Because DCTs are designed to be more convenient for patients, they naturally involve more complex sources of data-physical sites, electronic health records, wearables, and mobile apps – and Oracle’s technology provides us with a unified environment to bring all of that data together in one place. 

“The Oracle collaboration will allow us to integrate with more complex and diverse data sets.”

‍The alliance comes after ObvioHealth launched a next-generation DCT platform and mobile app, ObvioGo. 

The eConsent, eCOA and ePRO expertise of the platform could be completely merged into the Oracle Clinical One Cloud Service, enabling pharma-grade analytics and reporting that can offer well-timed insights of patients. 

The device integrations of the ObvioGo platform and the strong data management expertise of Oracle Clinical One could be beneficial to sponsors.

Additionally, sites that are accustomed to systems of Oracle can incorporate decentralised trial components into their current workflows. 

Oracle Health Sciences senior vice-president and general manager Henry McNamara said: “ObvioHealth has valuable industry experience in conducting these DCT trials in this market. 

“By integrating ObvioHealth’s experience with our centralised capabilities, we’re helping to reduce costs, accelerate timelines, and increase the depth of data insights for trials in the region.”

Prior to this development, ObvioHealth unveiled its new suite of patient-centric tools to deliver robust clinical trial evidence.