Ocala Oncology/Florida Cancer Affiliates and Deep Lens have signed an agreement that will see the latter’s AI-powered clinical trial matching solution VIPER used for clinical trials.

The partnership is aimed at expanding the Deep Lens’ clinical research programme and services to Ocala’s patients.

It will also leverage Deep Lens’ VIPER and other support services for identifying the right patients for clinical trials related to cancer.

The solution will aid in finding eligible people at the time of the diagnosis itself.

Estimates show that more than 15,000 oncology trials are actively enrolling participants but fewer than one in every 30 patients become part of a trial.

Due to reduced trial site resources, finding eligible individuals takes time particularly when trial protocols become more complicated.

VIPER aids care teams by automatically detecting potentially qualified people during the time of diagnosis and matching them to relevant studies.

The solution will integrate with the electronic medical records (EMR) of Ocala Oncology/Florida Cancer Affiliates to detect eligible patients for trials by incorporating molecular data feeds from Caris Life Sciences, Foundation Medicine, Guardant Health and all pathology feeds.

Deep Lens president and co-founder Simon Arkell said: “The majority of cancer care is delivered in the community setting and Deep Lens’ approach is to partner with these practices to ensure more patients can receive cutting-edge care through precision medicine trials and stay close to home, in a comfortable and familiar environment.

“We are enthusiastic about working with the team at Ocala Oncology/Florida Cancer Affiliates to provide every opportunity possible for cancer patients in Central Florida to access novel therapies in development, some of which may have the potential to change the course of their disease.”

Ocala Oncology/Florida Cancer Affiliates focuses on providing care in haematology and oncology areas.

Earlier, Pacific Cancer Care has announced plans to use Deep Lens’ AI-based solutions to streamline its trial matching and expedite enrolment for cancer patients.