Oncocross has completed the Phase I global clinical trial of OC514 in Australia for the treatment of sarcopenia and other rare muscular diseases.

Using the proprietary AI platform RAPTOR AI, OC514 is being developed as a drug-drug combination product for preventing sarcopenia, a syndrome characterised by generalised loss of skeletal muscle mass.

Coded as a specific disease by the CDC, sarcopenia is also accompanied by age-related issues and cancers.

The randomised, double-blind, dose-ranging, placebo-controlled study has enrolled 28 healthy subjects.

It was designed to demonstrate the safety of OC514 along with its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties.

The pharmacokinetic parameters through the safety evaluation demonstrated in favour of OC514.

Oncocross CEO Dr Yirang Kim said: “I believe we have taken a step closer to developing a treatment for sarcopenia, which is a major obstacle not only for the elderly but also for cancer patients.

“We will start preparing for the pre-IND with the US FDA for Phase II clinical trial in multi-sites, including the US.

“This will accelerate our efforts to develop a new drug to address the significant medical unmet needs associated with sarcopenia.”

The company is also planning to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of OC514 targeting diseases along with sarcopenia.