UK-based oncology consultancy company Physiomics has signed a new agreement with clinical stage drug development company ValiRx.

Physiomics noted that it supersedes the agreement that was signed between the companies in September 2011 to develop and accelerate the progress of ValiRx’s VAL201 anti-cancer compound.

As per the new agreement, ValiRx will benefit from Physiomics’ expertise in modelling the prostate cancer treatment effects.

It will also use Physiomics’ latest version of Virtual Tumour technology, which will be applied to get valuable information from the additional data generated by the VAL201 clinical trial.

ValiRx CEO Dr Suzy Dilly said: “Enhancing the scientific understanding of our results using cutting edge technology ensures we maximise the value of the data we have collected.

“This will help in the design and execution of future clinical trials and support discussions with potential new partners. We expect that outputs from the application of Physiomics’ technology will be incorporated into scientific publications presenting the results from the VAL201 clinical trial.”

Physiomics said it will also support ValiRx in modelling the VAL201 peptide use in endometriosis (VAL301) and Coronavirus (BC201).

So as to model the activity of a drug candidate, Physiomics ‘developed a quantitative systems pharmacology approach’ which uses clinical and pre-clinical data.

This data is used to explore the mechanism of action, impact of the disease as well as optimal dosing strategies.

Physiomics CEO Jim Millen said: “We are delighted to be working once again with ValiRx on a programme of work that replaces and extends that originally agreed in 2011.

“Since the time of the original agreement, Physiomics has gained significant additional experience in the modelling of prostate and other cancers and we will be aiming to generate new insights which can improve development outcomes.”