Parexel, a company with a focus on developing new therapies to improve health, has entered into a strategic partnership with Clariness, a global patient recruitment company, to speedup clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement in China.

This partnership will bring together Clariness’ ClinLife patient portal and Parexel’s local expertise in Asia/Pacific to recruit and retain patients in clinical trials.

Clariness CEO Michael Stadler said: “In China today, digital platforms have become a dominant form of communication, with more than 770 million internet users reported in the country; however, many foreign companies are unable to obtain necessary licenses for compliance to reach these audiences. With our well-established ClinLife platform, Parexel customers will have the opportunity to leverage these effective channels for engagement with patients and clinical trial recruitment.”

Parexel executive vice president and chief clinical research services officer Gadi Saarony said: “Parexel’s local expertise and understanding of the Chinese drug development market combined with Clariness’ ClinLife digital platform will enable us to reach more patients in China and engage with them through their preferred channels and language while maintaining local compliance.

“Ultimately this will improve their clinical trial experience while helping to accelerate new therapies to market to the benefit of our customers and patients.”

Parexel has eight offices and over 1,400 employees in China, where it has been operating for the last two decades.

It also has over 8,000 employees in the Asia/Pacific region.

Since 2005, Clariness has been helping sponsors find patients in Asia.

Clariness develops and implements several services to pharma companies and CROs in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. It provides patient recruitment, study feasibility, patient surveys and retention services.

It has 14 years of experience in patient engagement and enrollment. Its ClinLife is a patient portal for clinical trials and is available in more than 50 countries in over 28 languages.