Plus Therapeutics has enrolled the original three patients required for cohort 8 of the ReSPECT-GBM Phase I/IIa trial of rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda to treat recurrent glioblastoma (GBM).

A new injectable radiotherapy, Rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda delivers high dose radiation in CNS tumours while improving outcomes for cancer patients.

In this cohort of the dose escalation trial, patients with large-sized tumours received a 41.5 mCi dose of rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda within 16.34mL infused volume with 27 patients treated in this phase.

Plus Therapeutics chief medical officer Norman LaFrance said: “Alongside our site partners, Plus has successfully recruited and dosed a total of seven patients this year alone, and we plan to continue this momentum in order to uncover new insights about the potential of rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda.

“Across both clinical trials in recurrent glioblastoma, we have seen an absorbed dose of rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda of up to 740 Gray, indicating a powerful and targeted attack on the tumour.

“We look forward to continuing to generate additional safety and efficacy data that we intend to share later this year with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and present at upcoming medical meetings.”

The company is also planning to evaluate rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda in recurrent GBM patients with small to medium-sized tumours in its Phase IIb clinical trial.

Phase IIb study will also treat patients who already received rhenium (186Re) obisbemeda.