As part of an exclusive agreement, the companies will also work to offer solutions for real-world evidence of drug products’ effectiveness, safety and value.

The new solutions will combine PPD’s expertise in clinical trial management and evidence generation with HLT’s AI and data technology.

PPD and HLT aim to provide global pharmaceutical companies with improved access to drug development and post-marketing ecosystem in China.

The enhanced access is expected to enable addressing of unmet clinical needs in the country, as well as boost research capabilities for Chinese pharmaceutical industry in the global market.

In specific, the alliance focuses on data-driven feasibility, patient recruitment and real-world evidence offerings for global as well as domestic pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

PPD chairman and CEO David Simmons said: “Our focus on sites with access to eligible patients is designed to speed patient recruitment at high-performing sites and to more effectively incorporate Chinese patients into global trials.

“We will help clients adapt study protocols to the China market, while helping sites enhance quality, drive performance and lead global multicentre trials. In addition, we will intelligently leverage real-world data in China to recruit patients with a high potential for participation in our clients’ studies and to generate real-world insights needed for market access and product uptake.”

HLT found Rujing Gong added that the new solutions will bolster trial efficiency and mitigate costs.

The partners will provide clinical research services such as clinical study protocol design, site selection, patient recruitment and real-world evidence in China.