US-based PRC Clinical, a contract research organisation (CRO), has implemented Veeva Vault eTMF to improve operational efficiency for clinical trial sponsors.

The new solution expands PRC Clinical’s electronic Trial Master File capabilities.

Vault eTMF is designed to provide an active TMF operating model that can manage all processes and documents in one system in real-time.

The CRO expects the eTMF service to allow such management for various levels of clinical trial teams.

PRC Clinical said that the eTMF maintains the Trial Master File in a constant state of inspection readiness and facilitates completed visibility into TMF status.

In addition to operational efficiency, the solution is expected to offer a risk management technology for sponsors.

PRC Clinical CEO Curtis Head said: “Veeva Vault eTMF enables us to deliver a next-level CRO experience to our pharma, biotech and regenerative medicine partners.

“This allows PRC Clinical to further streamline our clinical trial operations, improve study document quality and surpass the level of TMF services offered by larger CROs.”

The company added that it is working on boosting its quality management systems and processes in order to offer improved support to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sponsors.

Veeva Vault vice-president James Reilly said: “Veeva Vault eTMF provides PRC Clinical with a modern clinical application for greater collaboration, quality assurance, and efficiency across its trials.”

Vault eTMF forms part of the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, a cloud platform that combines CDMS, CTMS, eTMF capabilities.

Last month, Italian clinical trial services provider CLIOSS implemented Veeva Vault eTMF as well as Veeva Vault CTMS solutions.