AI-powered technology platform provider TrialJectory has announced a strategic collaboration with specialty cancer diagnostics firm Precipio to provide cancer patients with an advanced clinical trial matching service.

This service enables doctors across the world to provide the best possible treatment for cancer patients.

Precipio CEO Ilan Danieli said: “Cancer patients face two significant obstacles when it comes to effectively managing their disease. First, the danger of misdiagnosis and, second, finding the right clinical trial for them.

“As Precipio and TrialJectory share an ongoing commitment to advancing patient care, we formed this partnership to take the innovations of both companies and combine them to improve patient treatment outcomes.”

Under the partnership, patients are entitled to receive an appropriate diagnosis during the initial stage of their battle with the tumour and receive access to match and enrol in the most suitable clinical trial.

As part of the strategic partnership, Precipio’s comprehensive diagnostic result reports will now include a personalised list of applicable clinical trials matched to the patient based on the eligibility requirements of the clinical trials generated via TrialJectory’s AI-based clinical trial matching platform.

This platform utilises patient clinical data in order to facilitate a smoother transition of clinical trial search, matching and enrolment by cancer patients and their respective physicians.

It also enables patients to decide if they want to explore one or more of the matched clinical trials.

TrialJectory co-founder and CEO Tzvia Bader said: “While this partnership offers enormous benefits for both patients and physicians, it ultimately allows patients to take back control of their health and empowers them to make decisions that are right for them based on accurate information from advanced new technologies.”

Last month, TrialJectory raised $2.7m through a seed financing round to expand access to advanced treatments using AI for patients with cancer.