Premier Health Associates and ObjectiveHealth have collaborated to expand access to clinical research.

Both the companies have created an on-site clinical research centre, which will provide access to advanced diagnostics, as well as new, advanced treatment options for patients.

Dubbed Premier Health Research, the joint clinical research centre is located in Sparta, New Jersey, and will conduct clinical research trials.

Initially, it will focus on digestive diseases and the detection of lung and colorectal cancer risks, along with precision diagnostics and early-detection cancer screening.

The new research centre intends to expand into additional therapeutic areas based on its patient population needs.

Premier Health Associates CEO Dr David Bollard said: “Providing access to new therapies and advanced diagnostics has been instrumental in improving the health outcomes of our patients.

“Our partnership with ObjectiveHealth allows us the opportunity to provide the best possible care options to our patients, who have been diagnosed with or are at-risk for serious health conditions.”

Through the collaboration, the company’s patients can participate in industry-leading clinical research opportunities, along with free diagnostics and testing options, and receive additional care from their provider.

ObjectiveHealth co-founder and CEO Colleen Hoke said: “Premier Health Associates and ObjectiveHealth share the mission to offer broader access to new treatment options.

“The ability to offer more research participation to Premier Health Associates’ patient population is a huge step forward, not only for research, but for community health overall.”

The company collaborates with physicians and healthcare organisations for establishing an advanced infrastructure for research programmes.