Clinical trial software provider ProofPilot has raised over $12m in a Series B funding round led by Mitsui. The financing round saw participation from Sopris Capital, First Trust Capital Partners, and Excelra among others.

Established in 2014, ProofPilot is a Software as a Service (SaaS) clinical trial research platform.

Making trials inexpensive and simple, the company permits various companies to assess their next-generation healthcare solutions and extend to various groups of subjects.

It provides solutions to the complicated clinical trial market by providing a completely digitised platform with trial process management, self-design study and remote source verification expertise. 

ProofPilot is changing the standard trial model allowing more firms to afford to carry out trials on a broader range of regulated and non-regulated products and services, without needing traditional internal infrastructure. 

This transformation will aid small companies in designing and conducting trials rigorously and substantially boost the research capability of life science firms.

Wellville executive founder Esther Dyson will join the board of directors of ProofPilot as part of the funding. 

ProofPilot’s SaaS product allows users to create, launch, participate and engage in research studies. 

ProofPilot CEO and co-founder Matthew Amsden said: “Through our cost-effective and digitally-enabled platform, pharmaceutical and medical device companies can expand the efficacies of their existing products and explore the potential of digital health solutions. 

“For the first time, health & wellness companies can now access clinical trials to substantiate their products and services at a manageable cost. 

“Moreover, participants can seamlessly engage in clinical trial support.”