Prothione has reported positive data from a Phase II clinical trial, where its capsules offered a statistically significant decline in Covid-19 viral load.

A novel antiviral, Prothione capsule has greater clinical efficacy and pan-Covid-19 design properties that maintain activity with a favourable safety profile. 

It has three amino acids that can boost intracellular glutathione, lower oxidative stress and hinder inflammatory reactions during Covid-19.

The proof of concept, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial analysed the safety and efficacy of Prothione capsules to treat mild to moderate Covid-19.

Findings showed that the subjects who received the capsules had a decline in time to clinical resolution as described by the time to achieve three consecutive negative RT-PCR tests.

Furthermore, the antiviral was found to be safe and well-tolerated in the trial.

The mean change in viral load of Covid-19 from baseline to day 14 was 43,337c/mL and 7,039.7c/mL for Prothione capsules and placebo, respectively. 

The antiviral offered a marked rise of 156.9 (N95) in red blood cell GSH levels from baseline to day 29 versus 107.3 (N83) for placebo.

A substantial decline was observed in hospitalisations in subjects who received Prothione capsules with only one such case reported versus four in the placebo arm. 

This indicates that the decline in viral load aided in decreasing Covid-19 progression and severity.

Prothione CEO Laura Lile said: “With its excellent safety profile and low price point, Prothione is poised to save lives and reduce strain on health care systems around the world.”

The company is planning to enter collaboration to conclude Phase III trials in the US.