Quoin Pharmaceuticals has completed dosing half of the patients in an open-label study of QRX003 topical lotion to treat Netherton Syndrome.

The study intends to enrol ten patients in the single-arm study. The trial has now dosed its fifth patient with the first patient dosed in March this year.

It is evaluating the efficacy and safety of the lotion in Netherton Syndrome patients currently treated with off-label systemic therapy.

Quoin is also conducting a double-blinded, vehicle-controlled trial to evaluate two different QRX003 topical lotion doses against a vehicle lotion in patients with Netherton Syndrome.

Quoin Pharmaceuticals CEO Dr Michael Myers said: “We are very pleased with the level of interest that our two clinical trials have generated.

“Reaching 50% enrolment for this, our open-label study is a very significant milestone and an important step forward for Quoin as we pursue the development of a safe and effective treatment for this devastating disease.

“We anticipate reporting top-line data from this study in the second half of 2023.”

Both studies are currently enrolling and dosing patients.

The company noted if the topical lotion is proven to be safe and effective, it can normalise the skin barrier functioning as well as improve the quality of life of patients with Netherton Syndrome.

Netherton Syndrome is caused due to mutation of the SPINK5 gene that leads to uncontrolled skin shedding resulting in a highly porous and ineffective skin barrier.