Cloud-based solutions provider Reify Health has announced the availability of its patient enrollment performance management platform, StudyTeam, to clinical research sites in 100 countries across the globe.

Last year, the company has expanded StudyTeam availability to 88 new countries.

The latest milestone marks Reify Health’s investment in providing effective solutions to sites for the management of recruitment and enrollment and reducing the manual work historically required from sites during trials.

Reify Health CEO and co-founder Ralph Passarella said: “Once a protocol has been designed, research sites do the lion’s share of the work to bring a clinical trial to life.

“Developing solutions that empower research site staff to recruit and enroll patients more efficiently has been a large part of our mission for years.”

StudyTeam solves the problem of clinical research sites that typically spend hours managing recruitment and enrollment and duplicating work manually by giving a centralised platform to sites to manage patients across all trials and sponsors.

By connecting directly with research sponsors, the platform enables communication of critical enrollment information securely and in real-time.

Sites that use StudyTeam enrol more than 15% more patients per month and have also reported a substantial decrease in the time clinical research spent by coordinators in managing recruitment and enrolment for sponsor trials.

Globally, more than 2,700 research sites are using the platform for patient recruitment and enrolment management. They are connected with biopharma sponsors including Amgen, AstraZeneca, and Eli Lilly and Company for enabling sharing of critical information related to recruitment activity in real time.

Sites using StudyTeam reported that the platform serves as a simple user experience built around site workflows.