Roivant Sciences has launched Lokavant, a technology company to offer real-time and anticipatory clinical trial monitoring to study sponsors and contract research organisations (CROs).

Lokavant aims to ensure that clinical trials do not fail due to operational error.

With the integration and analysing of the disparate data sources within clinical trials, Lokavant offers real-time visualisations and risk alerts to study sponsors and CROs so that they can take data-driven decisions.

Lokavant offers trial data to power a machine learning model that can predict trial risk, offers risk mitigation strategies, and forecasts the impact of mitigation strategy implementation.

The anticipatory monitoring capability is based on a collection of data drawn from more than 1,000 clinical trials and Lokavant expects this capability to improve with each deployment.

Rohit Nambisan, who was earlier the head of digital product at Roivant Sciences, has been appointed president of Lokavant.

Lokavant has signed its first multi-year enterprise license agreement with contract research organisation Parexel.

Parexel will make use of the Lokavant platform to boost the operational execution of clinical trials through improved real-time risk-based monitoring.

Parexel CEO Jamie Macdonald said: “Lokavant and Parexel share a focus on innovation in clinical development.

“We look forward to deploying Lokavant’s platform to access real-time data-driven insights for our sponsors, to ultimately improve clinical trial execution and accelerate the delivery of important new therapies to patients.”