The Russian Defence Ministry has reported positive results from the first clinical trial of a potential Covid-19 vaccine, saying that the candidate was safe and induced an immune response in participants.

The vaccine candidate was developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology.

The trial was conducted by the Ministry in partnership with the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. The first group of participants were discharged from the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital.

According to the Ministry, participants were subjected to a control examination and passed a blood test on immune response before being discharged.

The primary objective of the trial was to assess the safety and tolerability of the Covid-19 vaccine components in the first group of 18 subjects.

For 28 days following vaccination, the vital signs of the participants were within normal limits, without any report of serious adverse events, health complaints, complications, or adverse reactions.

The Ministry said in a statement: “Available laboratory and instrumental studies allow us to confidently talk about the safety and good tolerance of the vaccine.

“On the day 42 after the first vaccination, test participants will have to return to the hospital for one day to undergo a final medical examination and diagnosis, as well as the preparation of all necessary documents.”

Earlier this week, Russia’s Sechenov University announced the completion of a clinical study of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate in a total of 38 healthy participants.

The first group of 18 volunteers was vaccinated on 18 June and the second group of 20 people on 23 June. The first group was discharged from hospital on 15 July and the second group is scheduled to follow on 20 July.

Trial participants will be monitored on an outpatient basis for approximately six months after being discharged.

Sechenov University expects the vaccine studies to continue and advance to the next stages.