has introduced a digital reporting solution, dubbed Trial Insights, to provider researchers with on-demand insights into clinical trials.

The analytics solution is the first direct service by the company, which operates an online marketplace for outsourced research.

Trial Insights is designed to simplify data generated during clinical trial, biomarker and medical diagnostic studies into an intuitive dashboard.

It curates publicly available data from information hubs, such as The platform then customises the data based on the specific requirements of a researcher or research organisation. chief business officer Mark Herbert said: “Our goal at is to help cure all diseases by 2050, and we believe solutions like Trial Insights, which greatly simplifies access to and reporting of clinical trial data, will get us one step closer to reaching that goal.”

The company noted that curating of data has become important with the rising velocity and variety. Furthermore, the emerging personalised medicine field also requires access to data.

According to, information offered through Trial Insights could aid pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contract research organisations in making research decisions.

This is expected to be helpful because clinical trial data is a key information source for research and clinical study planning.

Trial Insights is expected to facilitate continuous tracking of the latest advances across drugs, diseases, sponsors, investigators and medical devices.

Founded in 2007, runs private enterprise marketplaces for some of the major pharmaceutical companies.

The marketplace is said to simplify research and development (R&D) sourcing, and thus save time and money as well as mitigate risk.