Clinical trial solutions provider Signant Health has agreed to provide electronic informed consent (eConsent) support for an oncology trial by the University of Bristol in the UK.

The university’s National Institute for Health Research Bristol Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR Bristol BRC) will use Signant Health’s TrialConsent solution for the prostate cancer trial.

As part of the alliance, Signant Health will be able to obtain direct feedback from patients and sites on the TrialConsent’s impact.

The feedback is expected to inform on eConsent’s ability to boost patient comprehension and decrease site burden, while identifying areas of opportunities and challenges for future trials.

Signant Health CEO Mike Nolte said: “We’re excited to see what we can learn from this study and how it helps us improve our patient-centric engagement. These opportunities to support and collaborate with academia for new and novel approaches help us remain at the forefront of technological innovation.”

During the oncology study, Signant Health will carry out qualitative interviews, engage patients and sites, and assess the eConsent impact on sites and patients.

TrialConsent is expected to be suitable for trial participants aged 65 years and over and features customisable options, including larger font size, multimedia elements and quizzes.

The solution can also flag sections for review by investigators, as well as monitor, provide and report real-time data.

University of Bristol trials research professor Athene Lane said: “Understanding how patients and sites experience and use eConsent is fundamental to our work.

“We know that data privacy is a big issue so we’re happy that TrialConsent’s password-controls, role-based access rights, and encrypted patient data allows us to offer users increased reassurance around this.”

Last month, Signant Health agreed to offer eConsent support for a neuroscience study at the Shanghai Mental Health Center.