Clinical trial solutions provider Signant Health has joined the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO), a global coalition of research and technology companies, to add a technology perspective in future clinical trial research.

ACRO is a non-profit organisation acting as a collective voice for the clinical research industry to regulators and policymakers.

It educates stakeholders in forming policies that bolster effective and safe clinical trial research.

Signant Health is the 13th member to enter into ACRO as an eCOA, eConsent, and clinical trial technology company.

Signant Health CEO Mike Nolte said: “As a technology provider, Signant brings a unique perspective to ACRO, promoting collaboration across the industry to achieve our shared responsibility for advancing patient-centric clinical research.

“Aligned with our strategy and values, ACRO has prioritised conversations around patient safety, privacy, and technology’s impact on clinical trials, and we are excited to join with ACRO and its member companies to support policy and investment that ensure safe and efficient trials for patients everywhere.”

With its entry into ACRO, Signant Health strives to raise its voice and views on patient-centric clinical research and clinical trial technology.

ACRO executive director Doug Peddicord said: “Signant Health’s mission, ensuring the patient remains at the forefront of clinical trial design and execution, while advancing the efficiency of the clinical trial enterprise, is one shared by the member companies of ACRO.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Signant as our newest member and look forward to working together to move our industry forward.”