Clinical trial solutions provider Signant Health has announced that it has integrated its eCOA platform TrialMax with ActiGraph’s CentrePoint system.

The integration included ActiGraph’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) cleared sensors.

These sensors are used to simplify the process of collecting and monitoring data of real-world activity and sleep outcomes for patients and researchers.

ActiGraph’s research-grade wearable devices measure home-based activity and sleep monitoring. This information provides insights that could prove significant to drug development across a wide spectrum of disease indications, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cancer.

The use of a range of technologies in clinical trials makes the participation process complex for both patients and sites.

Signant Health Product Strategy & Innovation vice-president Bill Byrom said: “It’s important that patients continue to experience trials that benefit them without burdening them.

“Using ActiGraph’s devices not only provides a simple and efficient experience for patients, it also simplifies and streamlines trials for sites and sponsors while offering better data and insights.”

Signant’s TrialMax eCOA platform will be used to enrol patients onto clinical trials.

Through real-time integration of eCOA with ActiGraph’s CentrePoint platform, all the enrolment activities are completed through TrialMax under a single interface.

With the help of Signant’s online reporting solution, sites and sponsors can check data of activity and sleep parameters alongside the data of patient-reported outcomes through TrialMax.

Byrom added: “It’s also beneficial for compliance. The combination of ActiGraph’s activity and sleep monitoring with TrialMax eCOA enables proactive data-driven alerts and notifications to sites and patients.

“We believe this has the potential to reduce unusable data and improve data quality when measuring real-world activity and sleep alongside patient-reported outcomes in clinical trials.”