Strata Oncology has enrolled the first patient in a prospective pan-tumour therapeutic clinical trial of several cancer therapies in new, biomarker-guided patient groups.

The Strata Precision Indications for Approved THerapies (Strata PATH) trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of cancer therapies which are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in oncology.

All these therapies showed safety profiles in the advanced setting.

In the trial, each therapy will be administered according to the dosing regimen approved by the FDA.

The Strata PATH trial will deliver treatment selection for all therapeutic modalities by leveraging the company’s new quantitative RNA and multivariate algorithms.

Strata Oncology co-founder and CEO Dan Rhodes said: “The Strata PATH trial is a crucial step in our mission to accelerate the impact of precision medicine for patients with cancer, in both the early-stage and late-stage settings.

“There is no time to spare when it comes to getting patients their best possible therapies, so we have taken the initiative to sponsor this trial to prospectively test novel biomarker-guided treatment hypotheses that we believe may result in new, highly-responsive pan-tumor molecular indications for FDA-approved therapies.”

The first patient for the trial has been enrolled at the Kettering Health site.

For devising the hypotheses, which is being tested in the latest trial, Strata used its clinical molecular database developed through the previous Strata Trial.

This database comprises DNA mutation profiles as well as quantitative RNA expression data.

For the Strata PATH trial, patients with advanced cancer and early-stage cancer with evidence of micrometastatic disease following initial treatment, will be enrolled.