SuperTrans Medical has appointed Australian companies CMAX, Avance Clinical, and Agilex Biolabs for clinical trial research of a new drug in the battle against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes AMR as a ‘silent pandemic’ and one of the biggest threats to global health.

CMAX, Avance Clinical and Agilex Biolabs will serve as SuperTrans Medical’s key clinical research partners for conducting the launch of Phase I human clinical trials in Australia this year for the company’s new antibiotic.

The drug makes use of SuperTrans Medical’s Intelligent Repurposing technology, which was invented at Stanford University originally.

SuperTrans Medical CEO Dr Lewis Neville said: “Antibiotic-resistant infections are a serious threat to global health and with only four new classes of antibiotics introduced since the early 1960s, clinicians just don’t have enough to work with.

“With the highly promising safety and efficacy results we’ve seen to date, we believe our repurposed and retargeted antibiotic could bring a much-needed and new panacea to thwart these urgent threat pathogens.”

Recently, the company announced plans to start clinical trials in the country later this year for its lead indication, complicated Urinary Tract Infections (cUTIs), which represent one of the most frequent infectious diseases.

South Australia Trade and Investment Minister Stephen Patterson said: “Within the plan, clinical trials have been identified by industry as a key enabler for growth, and today’s announcement is a major win for the state, highlighting the vast opportunities in this fast-growing sector.”

CMAX will be responsible for the preparation and carrying out of the Phase I study at Royal Adelaide Hospital.

All the activities surrounding this trial will be managed and coordinated by Avance Clinical, and Agilex Biolabs would provide all the required bioanalytical services and support associated with it.

SuperTrans Medical’s clinical trial will start in healthy volunteers late this year in Australia.