Cloud-native eClinical applications provider SureClinical has introduced its new Eclinical Ecosystem ECO Applications and Platform Bundle for clinical trial automation and collaboration.

The ECO Bundle is intended to cater to the unique requirements of clinical research organisations and connects people, programmes, projects and processes worldwide for a single view of clinical data.

It unifies clinical intelligence and reporting across numerous apps, systems and data points, permitting scattered clinical research groups to cooperate within a single, advanced, user-friendly application.

Throughout the complete trial supply chain, SureClinical’s service links internal teams and external vendors.

The bundle gives users the opportunity to choose and link their preferred applications to a single system of record, lowering the risk and operational expenses.

This approach also boosts business reporting efficiency and equips teams with automated solutions to digitise and simplify the trial process.

SureClinical CEO Zack Schmidt said: “With growing regulatory guidance, recent market conditions, and the impact of the global pandemic, pharmaceutical companies seek digital solutions to connect end-to-end eClinical systems, disparate teams, systems and projects in a timely manner to enhance their treatment quality and reduce business risk.

“The ECO Bundle answers that need, providing sponsors and CROs with automated tools that are connectable, accessible, extensible and that can be deployed in one day.”

The ecosystem aids in managing projects, documents, trial sites, and quality levels.

The company’s clinical trial management system, SureCTMS, which is part of the ECO Bundle, connects to any enterprise application, database, Investigator Site File, electronic Trial Master File, Quality Management Software and Clinical Trial Management applications.

This October, Pacific Cancer Care entered a partnership to use Deep Lens’ AI-based solutions to simplify trial matching and expedite enrolment of cancer patients.