SurvivorNet, a platform for cancer information, has unveiled a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool that aids in connecting patients to cancer clinical trials for treatment. 

The SurvivorNet Clinical Trial Finder tool is built on top of and offers access to over 100,000 individual trials, that are updated on a daily basis. 

Through the custom-designed chat feature, patients can enter their information by answering questions. 

As patients complete the form, the AI tool connects them to clinical trials in their area that are tailored for their individual conditions.

This approach provides multiple options for trial sponsors and clinical research organisations intending to engage with the patients.

Every month, 2.5 million individuals visit SurvivorNet seeking improved therapy information to aid them in adopting crucial treatment decisions. 

The new Clinical Trial Finder platform is an extension to SurvivorNet’s service of providing tools to aid patients who are looking for the best options. 

SurvivorNet CEO Steve Alperin said: “Clinical trials are critical to the development of new therapies, and as we live through this extraordinary revolution in genomics, immunotherapy and targeted therapy, it’s clear that one of the most pressing needs for patients, clinical trials sponsors, and researchers is simply a better way to find patients. 

“Even one percent more people successfully enrolled in clinical trials can change the world.”

Built in partnership with cancer centres, the platform features top physicians who offer detailed information on specific cancers.