Clinical trial technology company Suvoda and deep-tech company N-SIDE have signed a collaboration agreement to offer integrated clinical trial optimisation.

Suvoda and N-SIDE collaborated on over 100 clinical trials so far in therapy development, enabling machine learning based on real-time data and improving efficiency in trial supply. 

The IRT product of Suvoda allows the deployment of streamlined resupply approaches with modified algorithms that integrate with forecasting and mathematical optimisation recommendations of N-SIDE. 

This leads to substantial cost savings by lowering drug wastage and expedited timelines of the clinical trial.

The latest collaboration aids in incorporating an adaptable IRT solution during the trial protocol development, proving Suvoda improved visibility into the supply chain parameters based on the talks and finalisation of the protocol. 

Compared to IRT deployment at the last minute, moving IRT more upstream during the startup process aids in eliminating risks and time restrictions.

Furthermore, clients will gain access to N-SIDE’s real-time monitoring of inventories, recruitments and demands, which are backed by Suvoda’s data. 

Together with N-SIDE’s optimisation, contract research organisations (CROs) and sponsors will have an accelerated IRT contracting, set-up and build process, with improved optimisation once the trial is initiated.

Suvoda Global Partnerships vice-president Anthony Encarnacao said: “N-SIDE has a history of excellence in clinical supply optimisation that is unrivalled in the industry, and Suvoda is known for delivering clinical trial technology solutions that are built to manage change quickly. 

“Our seamless integration and deep expertise will enable study teams to focus on other day-to-day decisions while giving them peace of mind in their drug supply strategy.”