Syneos Health and KX have entered into a strategic partnership to pioneer data-driven transformation in biopharmaceutical asset development.

The collaboration aims to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) data-driven predictive analytics to help address complex healthcare decisions through new class of data and AI management engine, Data Timehouse.

Data Timehouse has been designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation.

This will offer real-time engagement and quick and more accurate decision-making related to selection of drug trial site. Syneos Health and KX will work to reduce costs, improve clinical trial efficiency, and speed to market time for therapies, through the partnership.

Syneos Health Technology and Data Solutions president Baba Shetty said: “Our KX partnership advances our ability to deliver data driven insights and AI enabled solutions, helping biopharma customers solve their most complex clinical development and commercialisation challenges.

“We’ve seen first-hand with multiple customers the ability of KX to dramatically accelerate the most challenging computational challenges with massive data sets, supporting use cases including patient simulations (QSP) for clinical and omnichannel/Real World Evidence for commercial.”

The company stated that the collaboration with KX will help empower biopharmaceutical customers to solve complex healthcare decisions through data. Earlier it entered into a strategic collaboration with Microsoft for expediting AI across the clinical to commercial continuum.

Syneos Health and KX will use the Azure technology from Microsoft to bring the potential benefits of AI, ML and tech-enabled solutions to customers.

Azure technology will be used to provide customers with data-driven insights that will help in improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance across the asset development lifecycle.