Syneos Health has reached a strategic collaboration with Science 37 to enable the delivery of decentralised clinical trials.

The integration of Science 37’s technology-first decentralised clinical trial operating system into Syneos Health’s decentralised solutions helps to deliver such clinical trials.

Science 37 and Syneos Health will together provide a unified, seamless technology platform to biopharmaceutical sponsors to streamline their workflow.

Syneos Health’s decentralised solutions are combined with deep behavioural and therapeutic insights and agile technologies to provide increased clinical trials access to patients and transform product development.

The company stated that Science 37’s premier technology platform comprises data regarding patient communities, telemedicine investigators, mobile nurses, remote coordinators, and connected devices and makes clinical trials virtual.

Syneos Health CEO Alistair Macdonald said: “Increasing clinical trial access and diversity is a scientific, business and ethical imperative as we continually look for ways to improve patient outcomes and eliminate healthcare disparities.

“Our powerful partnership with Science 37 adds their industry-leading platform to our Decentralized Solutions and, when combined with the mobile research nursing capabilities delivered through our Illingworth Research team, we’re able to open new pathways toward the long-sought goal of placing patients at the centre of clinical research.”

Science 37 is part of the Syneos Health Dynamic Assembly network, an open ecosystem of data and technology collaborators to deliver solutions designed to address the nuances of each customer engagement.

Syneos Health also became part of the company’s Contract Research Organization (CRO) Certified programme through this partnership.

This programme is designed to provide access, training, and commercial support to CROs to deliver decentralised clinical studies at scale.