Syneos Health has launched a new Decentralised Clinical Trial (DCT) Site Network to drive appropriate adoption of DCTs.

The new Syneos Health DCT Site Network will also enable the delivery of DCTs and digital health technology solutions.

It was developed using the company’s worldwide connections of networks, catalyst sites, and principal investigators.

The new DCT Site Network complements the existing Site Advocacy Group of the company.

It will cover several therapeutic areas including ophthalmology, family practice, endocrinology, cardiology, paediatrics, respiratory, neurology, internal and general medicine, psychiatry, dermatology, obstetrics, and gynaecology.

Initially launching in Canada and the US, the DCT network will be expanded to include several sites across APAC and Europe over time.

Syneos Health DCT Operations vice-president Noolie Gregory said: “Obtaining site buy-in for delivering decentralised solutions is often the biggest hurdle to driving DCT adoption.

“Through our DCT Site Network, we have been able to tackle this challenge and work with crucial site partners to make significant headway in this emerging and essential arena.

“The DCT Site Network will allow for faster triage of sites to be considered for DCT studies, creating efficiencies in site adoption, training, and allowing for more successful implementation across the board.”

The company’s decentralised solutions combine deep insights, innovative trial design experience, agile technologies, and operational excellence for transforming clinical development.

Its DCT capabilities integrate the ‘voice of the site and patient’ into trials for addressing significant challenges in certain therapy areas.

Last month, Syneos Health announced a strategic collaboration with Haystack Health for improving patient identification and enrolment for clinical trials.

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