Tasso has unveiled an integrated patient-centric offering for Population Pharmacokinetics (PopPK) to streamline, scale and expedite decentralised clinical trials (DCT).

Named Tasso PopPK Solutions, the offering will enable pharmaceutical firms to carry out pharmacokinetic (PK) studies as part of their DCT efforts. 

The remote solution aids in appropriate PK data collection, boosting modelling precision and speeding up trials.

A mathematical modelling tool, PopPK enables analysis of the observed variability in circulating drug concentrations in people.

PopPK Solutions merge unique blood collection devices of Tasso with the data monitoring solutions needed for precise PK modelling, such as timestamping, personalised patient engagement tools and chain-of-custody monitoring. 

By improving user experience, which leads to better data density and fidelity, the patient-centric, nearly painless sample collection process can aid in boosting recruitment and retention. 

Users could receive Tasso-compatible supporting services for PopPK including bioanalysis remote dosing and modelling through the new solution.

The company noted that its solutions are built as a modular architecture that permits the inclusion of components and vendors preferred by pharma partners, permitting adaptable integration. 

Tasso CTO and co-founder Erwin Berthier said: “Our pharma partners have been seeking decentralised solutions to enhance their study adherence and to facilitate inclusion of more diverse populations. 

“Tasso is uniquely positioned to deliver accurate, patient-centric sampling for PopPK studies, at home or in the research clinic. 

“With the launch of our dedicated PopPK Solutions, programmes can efficiently operationalise remote sampling.”

In December last year, the company raised $100m in a Series B funding round led by RA Capital Management.