Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PPD clinical research business and Matrix Clinical Trials, a Matrix Medical Network division, have entered a partnership to offer clinical trials to patients with a new decentralised clinical trial (DCT) solution.

By deploying Matrix mobile research sites and skilled clinical staff across the US, the business will aid in identifying, recruiting and maintaining trial subjects while guaranteeing a positive participant experience.

Simultaneously, the parties are studying ways to extend the partnership to other geographies.

The clinical research division of Thermo Fisher is the only clinical research organisation (CRO) that leverages the virtual principal investigator network of Matrix along with mobile sites as a standalone transportable clinical trial operation.

The partnership shows Thermo Fisher’s ongoing commitment to progress decentralised trial solutions for clients and patients.

Thermo Fisher clinical research digital and decentralised solutions vice-president Tim Rich said: “Mobile sites are a key component of our sought-after portfolio of hybrid and decentralised clinical trial capabilities.

“With Matrix’s experienced teams of clinicians and ready-to-deploy mobile sites, we are able to reach a broader range of participants, including in previously under-represented and under-served communities, without requiring them to travel to traditional investigator sites far from their homes.”

The clinical research business offers adaptable decentralised trial solutions developed across a variety of treatment areas.

The objective is to enhance the diversity of subjects and access and to enhance the patient experience, resulting in time savings and data quality improvements that can assist in expediting development timelines.

These services reduce the burden on patients to take part in trials while offering enhanced geographic reach to customers using decreased reliance on brick-and-mortar site locations, prompt access to data, enhanced quality and consistency and improved patient engagement.