Technology and service provider Thread and life sciences commercial services company Eversana have collaborated to offer a new decentralised registry and real-world data (RWD)-driven solution for pharmaceutical firms.

The solution provides these firms a complete and concurrent view of clinical research subjects, followed by data and detailed assessment across the care continuum.

It merges electronic medical record (EMR) data, integrated commercial services, and RWD-driven recruitment expertise of Eversana with Thread’s decentralised clinical trial platform to collect and connect patient-generated and secondary regulatory-grade RWD. 

The solution facilitates continuous active, passive, retrospective and prospective data gathering in a single platform, holding consent and identity security of the patient as key tenets. 

To guarantee the privacy and data security of the patients, Datavant’s technology will be leveraged to link data.

Furthermore, the merged offering provides assistance in the collection and curation of clinical and real-world data across the entire clinical research and care spectrum.

Trial subjects are involved throughout the research period from digital recruitment to gathering and assessment of RWD.

In addition, registry data can be supplemented with other RWD assets before being deidentified and linked for analytic access in various sources.

Thread CEO John Reites said: “Putting all available real-world data to work is imperative to optimise the development of new treatments and our understanding of marketed therapies. 

“By combining the power of Thread’s technology platform with Eversana’s rich, diverse data sets, clinical studies can be more efficient, comprehensive and inclusive, providing researchers with a totality of evidence to inform their research.”

Thread partnered with Endpoint Clinical in August last year to offer a solution that can optimise decentralised clinical trials operations and lower study timelines for sponsors.