Clinical-stage biotherapeutics company Tmunity Therapeutics will be granted access to Oncora Medical’s proprietary real-world data platform after the companies formed a strategic collaboration.

The collaboration aims to support the design of future clinical programmes with cell therapy.

Under the partnership, Oncora will provide intuitive analytics software to gather and deploy real-world clinical data. This information will help improve decision-making and advance treatment options, boosting patient outcomes.

Tmunity president and CEO Usman Azam said: “Partnering with Oncora Medical to utilise real-world data in clinical development puts Tmunity at the forefront of innovation. This project has the potential to help us more effectively design and execute our clinical trials to advance the next-generation of CAR-T therapies.

“We are excited to begin our relationship with Oncora Medical to revolutionise the way clinical trials are designed with the ultimate goal of reducing the time to deliver targeted T-cell therapies to patients in need.”

On the whole, the partnership has the potential to innovate and enhance the execution of clinical trials for cell therapy.

Tmunity will utilise Oncora’s proprietary analytical tools to refine, customise and validate a real-world evidence strategy in a clinical programme selected from its portfolio.

Oncora Medical co-founder and CEO David Lindsay said: “We believe that use of real-world data and evidence has the potential to change the way cancer therapies are developed and to further personalise outcome predictions that will guide treatment decisions.

“We hope our partnership with Tmunity will innovate the way clinical trials are designed and thereby, to bring important cancer treatments to patients more efficiently.”

According to Tmunity, the partnership may also support future trials with CAR T-cell therapy.