TranspariMED report reveals 778 trial results miss from EU public registry

2nd May 2019 (Last Updated May 2nd, 2019 13:31)

A joint report released by TranspariMED (UK) and other health groups has revealed that a total of 778 clinical trial results are missing from the EU public registry.

The report was released by TranspariMED (UK) along with BUKO Pharma-Kampagne (Germany), Test Aankoop (Belgium) and Health Action International (Netherlands).

The international coalition of health integrity groups demanded that European universities must make the results of all their clinical trials public to safeguard the interests of patients and taxpayers.

The 778 clinical trials were conducted by the 30 top European medical research universities that violate European transparency rules.

TranspariMED founder Dr Till Bruckner said: “When universities violate transparency rules, patients and taxpayers pay a steep price.

“Some universities have already posted over 90% of their trial results, showing that where there is a will, there is a way. Why are universities that break the rules still receiving public funds to run additional trials?”

The groups further warn that the true number of due trials lacking results on the public registry is likely to be far higher.

The joint report noted that 83% of all clinical trials run by the universities in Europe are verifiably in violation of EU transparency rules.

Also, the top medical universities in four countries have not made public a single clinical trial result onto the EU registry.

Additionally, the report noted that national medicines regulators across Europe fail to update registry data.

The groups warn that the true number of due trials lacking results on the public registry is expected to be far higher.