Clinical trial transparency tools provider TrialAssure has launched a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) application called ANONYMIZE DS for automatic anonymization of trial datasets.

The application is designed to anonymize actual data using techniques that enable customisation for individual datasets. It also allocates a risk score for re-identification of this data depending on thresholds defined by the sponsor.

Sponsors will be able to entirely configure the TrialAssure application, which is said to boost efficiency by considering the emerging machine learning technology field.

In addition, ANONYMIZE DS saves time for sponsors by facilitating building of a custom, reusable variables library. The application allows users to reapply these same anonymization rules across trials.

This approach is expected to save time as well as resources, particularly in case of larger drug development pipelines involving different studies sharing the same variables.

Data fields set by the sponsors for anonymization are analysed and assigned a risk score. This analysis by ANONYMIZE DS can be saved and replicated.

TrialAssure chief information officer Mohamad Zahreddine said: “The pharmaceutical industry is moving towards sharing data more openly. Health authorities and scientific journal editors alike may require greater levels of data transparency in the not-so-distant future.”

The new application is part of the company’s fully-integrated suite of transparency tools intended to enable data sharing among health authorities without compromising patient privacy.

Zahreddine noted: “In the age of big data, research organizations can leverage pre-existing, anonymized data to speed-up the development process for life-changing medicines.”

Currently, the TrialAssure ANONYMIZE DS application is available in limited release, with full deployment planned for coming months.