Trialbee and Acclinate have entered a partnership to increase the equitable participation of patients in clinical trials.

To attain increased equity in trial participation, the alliance will use the NOWINCLUDED community of Acclinate through Trialbee Honey Omnichannel.

The companies will collaborate to reach and involve communities of colour, promoting awareness about diseases and trials within specific geographies. 

NOWINCLUDED, which engages diverse groups on health-linked issues, will enhance indication-specific communities and offer trial opportunities to members. 

The collaboration will also use the e-DICT platform of Acclinate to give a Participant Probability Index (PPI) score to analyse the willingness of the community members to take part in clinical research. 

Subsequently, members who intend to participate will be educated, pre-qualified, and referred to trial sites using Trialbee Honey Omnichannel.

Sponsors and contract research organisations (CROs) that intend to enhance representation in their trial enrolment works can evaluate the success of community engagement and enrolment performance.

For showing the effectiveness of the collaboration, lupus was selected as the pilot indication. 

Following symptom onset, lupus often takes nearly five years to diagnose. As this complex ailment has distinctive characteristics in patient groups, it makes recruitment and diversity in trials difficult. 

Trialbee CEO Matt Walz said: “Merging the patient journey from complementary engagement channels onto a single platform lets us take a holistic approach to solving today’s challenges with patient recruitment and enrolment. 

“Acclinate’s approach with NOWINCLUDED is innovative and focuses on overcoming well documented issues around trust within communities of colour. 

“When combined with the power of our Honey platform, we’re much better positioned to achieve more equitable clinical research.”

In November this year, the company announced plans to launch Trialbee Honey Omnichannel, which aids in tracking multiple recruitment sources.