Trialbee collaborates with Castor to boost access to trials
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Trialbee collaborates with Castor to boost access to trials

22 Sep 2021 (Last Updated September 22nd, 2021 15:11)

The partners will facilitate diversified participation and improve health equity for decentralised and hybrid clinical trials.

Trialbee has entered a strategic collaboration with Castor to boost access to clinical trials, fast-track participant enrolment and improve patient engagement.

The partners also aim to bolster remote enrolment and reduce the burden on trial sites worldwide.

With their integration, Trialbee and Castor will enable sponsors to meet participant recruitment timelines with continuous access to all trial data.

The companies will accelerate enrolment and optimise trials via advanced data science and streamlined workflows for patient recruitment, data gathering and engagement.

In addition, the collaboration is expected to facilitate diversified participation while improving health equity for decentralised and hybrid clinical programmes worldwide.

Castor CEO and founder Derk Arts said: “We are excited to partner with Trialbee to improve patient engagement, as well as optimise patient diversity and study inclusivity with real-time insights around patient demographics across all recruitment channels.

“Our partnership provides sponsors a seamless decentralised and hybrid clinical trial solution to manage all their clinical trial touchpoints and expand inclusivity at a global scale.”

As trial designs increase in complexity, qualified participant enrolment and retention become difficult, noted Trialbee.

Industry estimates show that the amount of patient eligibility in trials has grown nearly 150% in the past ten years.

Therefore, life sciences companies are requiring a patient matching and enrolment platform to aid in managing the patient’s journey into a trial, as well as streamline enrolment outcomes.

Trialbee and Castor’s integrations are expected to allow trial sponsors to easily manage all trial touchpoints, without impacting data quality.

Trialbee CEO Matt Walz said: “Through our combined capabilities, clinical trials can deploy an end-to-end solution to simplify the patient journey, including early introductions to clinical trials, enrollment performance analytics, and remote data capture for decentralised clinical trials.”

In May 2021, Trialbee partnered with Worldwide Clinical Trials to bolster patient enrolment and streamline timelines for clinical trials across the world.