Patient recruitment firm Trialbee has announced that it has partnered with medical data informatics company Clinerion.

This partnership is aimed at ‘accelerating time’ to market by reducing timelines of patient recruitment and enrolment.

It also seeks to reduce costs associated with ‘patient recruitment’ and ‘loss-to-follow-up’.

Trialbee CEO Lollo Eriksson said: “This partnership significantly broadens our global reach and allows us to expand our data set for predictable intelligence-based patient recruitment and retention to support traditional and decentralised trials.

“This is a great opportunity for both organisations to make trials simpler for investigators and to deliver on our commitment of expediting clinical research by optimising the use of real-world data.”

Because of limited access to patients matching with the study criteria, over 80% of clinical trials are being delayed and about 30% of sites never enrol patients.

Clinerion’s expertise in leveraging real-world electronic health record (EHR) data for clinical research combined with Trialbee’s multiple step qualification process is expected to significantly streamline this process.

Trialbee said that its platform provides ‘full transparency’ of the status of the referred patient flow across the entire trial.

This platform offers sites and sponsors with full insight into the recruitment strategies’ effectiveness.

Clinerion CEO Rentsch said: “Patients are at the centre of everything Clinerion does, and this partnership will ensure better outcomes for patients.

“Together, we will be able to match more of the right patients to the leading-edge trials that can bring them the care they need, and, ultimately, our improvement of the efficiency of recruitment for clinical trials will accelerate the introduction of new medicines and interventions.”

Switzerland-based Clinerion claims to speed up clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients by generating real-world data from its global network of partner hospitals for Real World Evidence analyses.

In June this year, Trialbee partnered with Datavant to power patient-centric clinical trial recruitment and engagement.