Patient recruitment firm Trialbee has partnered with health research network TriNetX for data-driven digital solutions to speed-up patient-centric clinical trials.

Trialbee offers software to cut trial recruitment timelines and improve the patient engagement experience, while TriNetX works to optimise clinical research via the collection of real-world evidence (RWE).

The partnership will combine Trialbee’s patient recruitment expertise with TriNetX’s access to patients to identify, engage and enrol participants to trials. This is expected to boost efficiency and time-to-market.

TriNetX will also provide real-time access to a data repository, patient populations and healthcare organisations (HCO) network.

Trialbee CEO Lollo Eriksson said: “This partnership will significantly widen Trialbee’s service offerings to drive patient recruitment and retention. This is a great opportunity to leverage both organisations capabilities to develop new services in order to optimise clinical trials to empower patients with clinical trials as a care option.

“TriNetX is the market leader in leveraging real-world data for the applications of clinical trial design, feasibility and site selection, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together.”

The companies aim to leverage both RWE and real-time analytics to support their customers with protocol design, site selection, as well as patient recruitment and retention.

TriNetX Corporate Development senior vice-president Maulik Mehta said: “Our collaboration with Trialbee further enhances our healthcare organisations’ capabilities to streamline patient identification and recruitment.

“We see this partnership as a complementary effort to our digital developments around protocol design, site identification and access to patients. Together, TriNetX and Trialbee will further enable clinical research as an alternative care option to patients.”

Trialbee and TriNetX will also create services to speed-up trial outcomes.