TrialJectory has raised $2.7m through a seed financing round to expand access to advanced treatments using artificial intelligence (AI) for patients with cancer.

The financing round was led by Contour Venture Partners.

TrialJectory is an AI-powered technology platform that uses self-reported clinical data to match cancer patients with clinical trials.

The company intends to use proceeds from the financing to expedite the platform’s growth, which includes the addition of more clinical trials for different cancer types.

Part of the proceeds will also be used to expand the company’s outreach across the medical firms, pharmaceutical companies and patients.

TrialJectory CEO and co-founder CEO and co-founder Tzvia Bader said: “What’s more, one of the top obstacles that oncologists face today is the lack of clinical trial access for patients, which is due to the availability of more treatment options overall.

“Not only is TrialJectory’s platform expanding access to new treatments for patients, but it’s also revolutionising the trial recruitment process as a whole by reducing operational costs and enabling new drugs to hit the market sooner.”

Until now, TrialJectory has matched thousands of cancer patients with clinical trials and continues to add new studies to the platform every week.

The company currently supports trials for breast cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).

Lead investor Bob Greene said: “TrialJectory’s work, driven by a highly experienced management team, comprised of both oncology and technology experts, is disrupting and reshaping how we think about traditional cancer care today.

“Even more important, it is empowering patients to take back control of their treatment, and we look forward to watching TrialJectory’s platform continue to grow quickly.”