Dutch start-up Triall has entered a new partnership with local blockchain companies LTO Network and Sphereon to anchor Covid-19 research data.

The move is aimed to preserve the integrity and security of clinical trial data.

As agreed, Triall will leverage LTO Network’s blockchain technology and infrastructure to anchor the research data to the blockchain. The collaboration will start with a Covid-19 clinical trial and later can be expanded to other studies.

Triall CEO Hadil Es-Sbai said: “The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has sparked digital transformation across the pharmaceutical landscape.

“Our collaboration with LTO Network will pave the way for a range of innovative e-clinical software solutions supporting decentralised clinical trials.”

Clinical trials usually generate vast amounts of data and can continue for years. Some of the common challenges of such trials include increasing costs, recordkeeping failures, delays, and a lack of oversight.

According to LTO Network, some of the blockchain properties such as decentralisation, security and privacy, will help in addressing such issues and consolidating the fragmented landscape of clinical trial stakeholders and software systems.

The use of blockchain will also prevent tampering and ensure transparency and integrity of research data.

LTO Network CEO Rick Schmitz said: “Together, we are building the world’s first clinical-trial software powered by the blockchain that will secure and streamline the development of a safe and affordable future in medicine.”

Triall focuses on creating a digital ecosystem of blockchain-integrated software solutions to facilitate the development of new vaccines and therapeutics during clinical trials. According to the company website, Triall’s software is created by clinical trial professionals.