International health research network TriNetX has collaborated with Advarra to provide SiteIQ Plus to aid life sciences companies make informed decisions on clinical trial site selection.

SiteIQ Plus offers trial site and principal investigator (PI) insights combined with suitable participant availability to life sciences firms and contract research organisations (CROs).

SiteIQ delivers tailored data analysis that aid life sciences businesses and CROs to make enhanced choices in their investigative trial centre selection and viability processes.

With the merging of data from Advarra and TriNetX, SiteIQ Plus is claimed to generate useful insights that could aid in site performance prediction.

Advarra Technology Solutions president Jonathan Shough said: “TriNetX and Advarra are closing the information gaps for life sciences companies seeking to increase the efficiency of clinical trial execution.

“SiteIQ Plus combines Advarra’s broad study site and PI insights with the deep capabilities of the TriNetX platform to find study sites with eligible patients, to help site selection teams make faster and more informed decisions.”

Advarra focuses on delivering independent review committees, quality and compliance consulting services.

With expertise in providing institutional review board (IRB) services, Advarra claims to enable quick clinical research for key sponsors, CROs and more than 41,000 research sites among others.

Advarra stated that its solutions aid in the protection of trial subjects, empowerment of trial sites, compliance assurance and streamlining research performance to boost the development of life-changing drugs.

TriNetX Pharmaceutical R&D Strategy vice-president Rachael Thomas Higgins said: “SiteIQ Plus performance data leverages a robust data-driven approach to identify study sites and investigators that match study-specific criteria and have a proven track record of performance.”

With its platform of federated EHR, datasets and consulting collaborations, TriNetX aids the global community to enhance protocol design, expedite trial operations, and augment real-world evidence gathering.